Zembo - The African electric motorcycle

Zembo is leading the African transition to electric mobility.

Based in Kampala, Uganda, we provide affordable (PayGo) electric two-wheelers to low-income motorcycle-taxi drivers, most known locally as “boda-boda” drivers.  We offer a battery swapping service to our clients, enabling to swap within minutes at any of our stations.

Zembo is paving the way to a greener Africa with a clean alternative to the most common mode of transportation in East Africa.


Zembo provides both a technical  and a financial solution enabling drivers to improve revenues and decrease their environmental footprint. Our motorcycles are available as rent-to-own and their batteries are swappable at any of our solar powered charging stations.

In Uganda, boda-bodas provide transportation for 60% of the population. In the country, more than 600,000 self-employed drivers are vulnerable to fuel price fluctuation. 
Zembo tackles this problem and aims to transform the boda-boda sector by helping the sector reduce it’s environmental impact.

Tonnes of CO2 saved each year if all boda-bodas were electric

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