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Uganda's E-mobility Solutions Company

Introducing E-motorcycles in Africa

We provide affordable state-of-the-art electric motorcycles that are locally assembled in Uganda. By combining up to 200kms of estimated range with Zembo fast charging technology, you spend less time charging and even more time on the road.

Zembo Storm Specs
75 km/h
65 km
Comfortable and sturdy
Battery Recharge
Swap (2 mins)

A Leading Battery Technology

Built to last, the Zembo bike is an affordable electric motorcycle running on state-of-the-art batteries, granting riders utmost comfort and also saving the environment from CO2 emmissions.

A Customer Centric Solution

"When I started using my Zembo bike, just in three weeks I was able to save up to 500,000 shillings, which did not happen with my other fuel bike. I am happy my income has now increased."

- A Zembo Boda driver

Charge From Anywhere

With our multiple charging station across the country, You can always swap your battery easily as you enjoy a seamless ride powered by solar energy. Zembo fits to represent all the good qualities of an eco- friendly motorbike solution.

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